UK web design development and hosting services located near Bungay in the beautiful Waveney River valley. The result of a lifelong fascination with art, design, technology and above all freedom of enterprise. Born from necessity, guided by a strong design code our journey has endowed us with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in web development.

We love orchestrating technical and artistic disciplines to create exciting and innovative web solutions that sing to the world. A balanced harmony between design, development and user interaction to produce practical, effective and attractive websites is our goal.

The internet is a valuable tool for connecting people, reaching wide audiences and integrating with technology. Harnessing this power through websites, social media, email marketing and stunning design is our passion.

Theo Wells

Founder/Project Lead

Theo has superb knowledge, of designing websites, it took a long time to find A web designer, that understood our needs and our unique business. It was great to work with Theo, as he is very creative, visual, calm and professional.We would have no doubt in recommending Theo, his personality and patience made the exercise of creating the website enormously fun and we feel a great Success!

M&E, School Farm Antiques

Waveney Web setup a great value eCommerce platform adding promotional email attachment feature, my products are now making a return Great!

Bitwise, Sound Design Tools

From Icons to Design consultancy Theo has been a great asset for many years.

Chris, BSHons software engineer